Scott Powell is the creator of Powell History and A First History for Adults™. Mr.Powell is a permanent traveler who teaches a distance learning homeschooling history program called History At Our House™ that provides an integrated curriculum for children from 2nd to 12th grade all over the world. Mr. Powell graduated from the University of Alberta in 1995, with a degree in Civil Engineering, and was a practicing Geographic Information Systems consultant for over ten years. In 2002 he completed his BA in History at York University, in Toronto, where he received the History Department’s Merit Award as the highest ranking graduate. While pursing his studies at York, Mr. Powell also completed the Undergraduate Philosophy of Ayn Rand Seminars of the Ayn Rand Institute, and attended classes at the Objectivist Graduate Center (now OAC). Mr. Powell worked for four years on the development the history and geography curriculum for the elementary grades at VanDamme Academy, a noted private school offering an advanced elementary and junior high curriculum, before dedicating himself exclusively to his distance learning company. He is concurrently working on the development of an accessible, integrated history program for professional adults and aspiring intellectuals.